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Wall-In Closets

We offer our clients in the Toronto area design, manufacturing, and installation of custom-made California-style closets, storage cabinets, Bedroom Wardrobes, and custom-built furniture. Our team will customise your living space to optimise ergonomics and aesthetics, whether it’s a renovation project, a new house, or a condominium. Our incredible collections of walk-in closets, wardrobes, and custom storage systems are available in a wide range of colours, styles, and configurations to suit any taste and budget. Dress in style while your clothing and accessories are neatly displayed and easily accessible.

Large or small, a walk-in closet is a room all its own. Being able to see your clothes and accessories at a glance, one season at a time, makes getting ready every day a breeze. And with so many design options—like accent lighting, beautiful hardware and smart accessories—it’s like dressing in your own personal boutique. 

Discover a variety of storage and closet ideas, including layout and organization options. Browse creative closets and decor inspiration. Our custom closets are designed with you in mind, contact us today.

Wall Units

We change your old-fashioned wall unit giving your house a new look. We deaal with modern wall units, cupboards, drawers, cabinets, and other stuff. We engage a highly trained team in design work to give the best experience to our customers. Whether you need a cabinet with multiple shelves or a closed unit, our experts will make it for you. We pride ourselves as the leading dealer. If you are looking for a company that offers state of the art wall units in Canada, your search ends here. The quality of our products is worth every penny.Our custom special design and build-in Wall Units fit your life style .. Organize for entertainment, bookcases and Shelving Units around TVs and Fireplaces, etc. Comfort your family room, contact us today.You just need to get the actual size of your living room and leave the rest to us; a standard wall unit should occupy around a third of the wall length. With a functional wall unit, you will be able to organize your valuables. Take a note of the things you will store in it, before picking up the design. Visualize how the items will look in the wall unit, and this will guide you on the right design.

Open shelves are ideal for books, speakers, vases, among other things, while the closed boxes are ideal for things you want to keep out of sight. Think of how you will use the wall unit while at the same time figuring out the look it will give to your house. We add LED lighting or mirrors to make your wall unit modern while giving your home a magnificent appearance.


Custom Bars

Bar is custom built to your needs, Choice of Custom Home Bar, Granite Bar Top, Basement Bar with Granite, Pub Bar, etc., and it can include wet bar options, custom upper cabinets, wood or custom tiled counter tops…Contact us today for consult your bar.

Whether you are serious about entertaining and showing off your mixology skills or are simply looking for a casual space to entertain family and friends, a home bar is a perfect addition anywhere in your home.

Functionality meets luxury when we handcraft your bar. Every project is completely customized, from the materials, cabinets, and shelving right down to the accessories and hardware. We take pride in every detail – from finding the perfect lighting to the right stain colour to match your decor.

Our in-house designers and craftsmen will raise the bar for your entertainment space.


Bathroom countertops are equally as vital as kitchen countertops since they provide not only an useful work surface but also a decorative one. A decent bathroom countertop is the ideal combination of aesthetics and durability to fulfil the needs of your lifestyle.

Vanity tops and bathroom countertops, especially in a complete bathroom with a shower and/or tub, are not impervious to the elements.

First, there’s the issue of coping with the moisture that showers produce. Second, there’s the matter of dealing with all of the items that are often found in a bathroom, such as toiletries and cleaning supplies. When you consider all of the obstacles that come with picking a countertop, it’s simple to see why you should evaluate not only their aesthetics, but also their endurance.

Bathroom vanities are an essential piece; more often become the focal point of said space. Whether you have a large or small space, it seems like a big decision, let us help you to make it easy.

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