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15 + Yrs In GTA I Generation Craftsmanship I 100% Satisfaction 

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15+ Yrs In GTA I Generation Craftsmanship I High Tech Machine I Local Custom Factory I Premium Custom Made I 100% Satisfaction

Our 25 years of experience led to remodel any kitchen style you like

Any job size residential or commercial or builder we have done them all

Our designers will examine your kitchen & create new floor plan

New and modern plus urban elegant Bathrooms designs durable to last lifetime

To create a bigger space using our top technology software to re-design your entire space

Our craftsmanship designers can design and install custom kitchens for custom homes / builders

Kitchen design

Space planning

Bathroom design

Kitchen remodelling

Custom cabinetry packages

Custom woodworking


Our craftsmen personalise cabinets to suit your specific taste, much like a skilled tailor makes a suit that suits the individual precisely. Complete customer pleasure is the ultimate goal of our custom work, and it can only be realized by the hands of a truly skilled and gifted craftsman. It all starts with your perception. That’s why we provide a wide range of cabinet doors, interiors, and hardware to meet your own taste and requirements. All of our interiors are constructed using only the greatest quality materials that will last a long time. All lifetime kitchen cabinets include world-class BLUM drawer slides (in aluminum, stainless steel, or dovetail wood construction) and BLUM cabinet hinges for the utmost in functionality and durability. As a consequence, you’ll have a kitchen that’s both functional and beautiful.


Customer and artisan work together to create fine cabinetry. Your thoughts and ideas are reviewed with a member of our highly talented and experienced design team before our craftsmen begin their meticulous work. Following this meeting, the designer will bring your ideas to life by developing a set of drawings that will direct our artisans in creating cabinetry that matches your exact specifications. From drawer inserts to glass doors, pullout tables and ironing boards to wine racks, Lifetime Kitchen  Cabinetry has a wide choice of high-quality accessories to meet your specific needs. We also assist you in determining where they should be placed for maximum efficiency, ensuring correct fit, and testing them to ensure they function the first time and every time.


We take great pride in the cabinets we create especially for your home. That’s why we choose only the highest quality materials. 

In addition, all hardware (hinges, drawer slides) comes with a lifetime warranty. It’s all part of Lifetime’s commitment to build kitchens of lasting beauty and functionality.


Contact us by visit showroom, Let our expert turn your vision into a reality detailed plan.

Let us collaborating with architects, contractors, and interior decorators, help you define your scope of a vision that’s uniquely yours

Creating custom solutions to help you make your dream home. 


We customize your kitchen with our experienced craftsmanship in our local GTA factory.

We choose top quality materials using our high -tech machine to make your kitchen in best qualtiy and life time lasting beautiful kitchen.

Our Promise

Whether meeting with you and your family or collaborating with architects, contractors, and interior decorators, we’re here to help you define your scope of work and articulate a vision that’s uniquely yours.

Our experienced design team will turn your vision into a reality detailed plan, creating custom solutions that blend form a function to fit all your family’s needs.

Our designs of combining the old and the new world approaches the top of craftsmanship and that means you can have the best rich design from both worlds for kitchens or bathrooms.

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